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What's it all about?

As an airline employee, you qualify for discounts on just about every type of vacation you can imagine and there is an incredible array of travel discounts waiting for you here at PERX. Hotels, all-inclusive resorts, tours and cruise lines all offer you substantial discounts as an "industry courtesy” just for being part of the travel community.  All that they ask in return is that you provide proof of eligibility (either a copy of your ID badge or a letter from your supervisor on airline letterhead), be discreet about the rate you pay and that you blend in with their other guests.

There’s more! And if that’s not enough, your spouse, dependent children (under 18), parents and in some cases parents-in-Iaw, are all eligible to travel on their own at an interline rate!  As well, anyone sharing your accommodations will qualify, and in some cases, you may take along friends and non-eligible family members in separate accommodations for that low, low interline rate!

Many join the airline industry simply because they love to travel.  And now, hundreds of discounted travel opportunities are just a click or a phone call away!

How do you take advantage of all of the fantastic travel opportunities?
It’s easy!  Start by registering on our website (it’s free and only takes a few minutes). Once registered, you will gain access to hundreds of secret travel rates for cruises, all-inclusive resorts, hotels and tours that we have negotiated for you (these rates are not available to the general public).  You can check out the fantastic resort properties, search for your dream cruise or find a land tour that will take you to explore unique destinations, all at unbelievable rates! Travel Tip: When you register, make sure to sign up for our e-mail notifications and we’ll deliver travel specials to your inbox when they become available, all at no charge! We suggest using your personal e-mail account to register.

It helps to know where you want to go before you call to make a reservation, but if you are just looking for the best deal during your time off, give us a call and speak with one of our experienced travel specialists. Whether you are considering a fabulous cruise, a magnificent beachfront all-inclusive resort or a guided tour through Europe, your PERX travel planner will pleased to assist and share some insider tips on getting the most value on your next vacation. If you already have a "dream vacation” in mind, we have destinations around the world and chances are we can make the arrangements for you at far lower costs because of your industry designation.

Welcome to PERX!