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Australasia includes New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea and neighbouring islands north and east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

A vast island continent, Australia teems with natural and cultural treasures. Relax on gorgeous beaches along the sprawling coastline, or plunge below the water in Queensland to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Nature enthusiasts revel in exciting adventures in the interior. But there's more to life down under than outdoor activities. Cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne pulse with dining and the arts scenes, and of course, there are world-class vineyards to seek out.

From the Bay of Islands' pristine beaches in the north to the soaring pinnacles of Milford Sound in the south, New Zealand is a stunner. Glaciated mountains, steaming volcanoes, and lush forests give adventurers a vast array of ecological playgrounds to explore. While hikers retreat to 14 national parks, bird-watchers find their bliss on peaceful Stewart Island. But it's not all parks and rec. Māori enclaves display deep native heritage, idyllic vineyards produce world-class wines, and vibrant cities like Auckland and Wellington invite you to discover the sophistication of the modern New Zealand.

There are so many more islands and cultures to explore in the area including Fiji and Bali, that you may have to book some extra time to immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of the area...you simply cannot see it all in one trip.

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