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A Future cruise credit (FCC) is a bit like store credit from a cruise line. Many times, instead of a cash refund, a cruise line will take the price of a refunded cruise and offer it to be used toward booking a new sailing. When cruises are greatly affected or canceled, or if passengers are given compensation for any reason, a nonrefundable future cruise credit is a common form of payment.

If you have Future Cruise Credits (FCC’s), a PERX Vacation Consultant can help you maximize your credits, no matter where you initially booked! They are experts at obtaining the best rates for your eligibility and have access to specials, add-ons, and promotional packages.

What Is a Future Cruise Credit?

A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is simply a voucher for future cruise travel. FCCs have a set monetary value that can be applied towards the purchase of a new cruise vacation. Future Cruise Credits often have expiration dates, and they may also have specific guidelines for how they can be used. You might receive a Future Cruise Credit if a previous cruise reservation is canceled, or as a form of compensation to make up for inconveniences suffered on a previous sailing.

One of the great things about Future Cruise Credits is you have some time to make a decision about how to use your voucher, however, they do have expiration dates. Therefore, if you're trying to decide between receiving a Future Cruise Credit or a refund, as the case may be, you don't need to know your exact future vacation plans to be able to make your decision!

How to Redeem Your Future Cruise Credit:

Call 1-888-737-9266 and we'll help you apply your cruise credit to a future booking!


What is a Future Cruise Credit?

A Future Cruise Credit is a voucher with a monetary value that can be used to make a future cruise reservation.

Will my Future Cruise Credit expire?

Yes, most Future Cruise Credit vouchers have an expiration date. Make sure you are aware of the expiration, and as to whether it is regarding the use date or sailing date. Check your certificate for "Book by" and/or "Travel by" restrictions or simply call your PERX Vacation Consultant.

Can I use my Future Cruise Credit for any sailing?

Your Future Cruise Credit is likely restricted to a specific cruise line, depending on how you earned the voucher. There may also be restricted "blackout" dates, and there is also likely an expiration (see the previous question).

Are Future Cruise Credits combinable with other offers?

Usually, Future Cruise Credits can be combined with public offers, but even this varies based on the offer and the cruise line issuing the voucher. Please look closely at your Future Cruise Credit's terms and conditions, or contact your PERX Vacation Consultant for questions regarding your specific voucher.

How much is a Future Cruise Credit worth?

The value of your Future Cruise Credit will depend upon multiple factors. For example, the value could be determined based on how much you paid for your original cruise, how much (if any) of your sailing was interrupted, and how severe of an inconvenience was suffered. In response to COVID-19, some Future Cruise Credits are even worth MORE than the cost of the original cruise!

How do I get my Future Cruise Credit?

You will most likely receive your Future Cruise Credit via email from the cruise line. If you do not receive your Future Cruise Credit, please speak with your PERX Vacation Consultant.

If I have the choice of a Future Cruise Credit or a refund, which option is better?

While no one can truly say what is best for you, we find that you almost always get the best value by choosing the Future Cruise Credit. With COVID-19 cancellations, for instance, many cruise lines offered generous Future Cruise Credits worth more than the original cruise fare. In cases like this where you may receive greater than 100% back as a Future Cruise Credit, we recommend choosing the Future Cruise Credit. The bonus FCC value could be used to book an upgraded stateroom on your next vacation!

Can I use the future cruise credit to book more than one sailing?

Some cruise lines allow you to use your FCC for more than one booking by applying any remaining balance as another FCC. You can use the second FCC on another booking.

Can I use just a portion of a future cruise credit to put down a deposit for a sailing, or does it need to be used all at once?

Every cruise line is a little different. Some cruise lines require you to pay a deposit and use your FCC towards the balance. Some cruise lines require you to use [all of your FCC at once] or forfeit the overage — if you don’t use it, you lose it. Others will apply whatever amount you want and issue a new FCC for the balance. For example, Carnival allows you to use your FCC on one booking only, while Royal Caribbean will allow you to use your FCC on multiple bookings by issuing you a new FCC voucher with the balance of [the] unused amount after your first booking is made.

Can I apply part of my credit to the taxes and port fees due for a future cruise, in addition to the base fare?

Stipulations for what you can apply toward your FCC vary by cruise line. Working with a PERX Vacation Consultant can help explain what parts of a booking are eligible to be used toward an FCC.

Can I apply part of my credit to “extras” on an upcoming sailing such as prepaid shore excursions and drinks packages?

After applying the FCC to the full cost of your cruise, some cruise lines will take the remaining balance and use it toward prepaid gratuities on your reservation. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises will give you any remaining amount as another FCC.

Can I use part of my future cruise credit to book flights to a future cruise?

Flights can be tricky when it comes to FCCs. Your PERX Vacation Consultant knows best. FCCs cannot be used toward flights when cruise lines allow customers to book directly with the airlines through their flight programs.

What if the new cruise I book with a credit is less expensive than my canceled sailing — will the balance of the credit be refunded?

Several cruise lines will allow the balance of an FCC to be used on another sailing, but it is best to consult with your PERX Vacation Consultant to make sure you are maximizing the value. FCCs are not refunded back in the form of cash.

I can’t use my future cruise credit. Can I transfer it to another person?

Each guest on the original reservation will be issued their own FCC. Most cruise lines will not allow FCCs to be transferred to another person and it’s also important to note that they have no cash value. Disney cruiseline and Princess cruises are examples of a cruise line that does allow the FCC to be transferred to another person. However, not all cruises follow these policies and will allow the FCC to be transferable. Your PERX Vacation Consultant knows best and can sort thru the policies.

If I never use the future cruise credit, is the money gone forever?

FCCs cannot be converted into cash. They must be used before they expire, or the value is forfeited.

How do I redeem a Future Cruise Credit?

The easiest way to redeem your Future Cruise Credit is to contact your PERX Vacation Consultant. Even if your original cruise wasn't booked with PERX.com, we can apply your Future Cruise Credit's certificate number to a new reservation and process your voucher.

If I didn't book my original cruise with PERX.com, can I still use my Future Cruise Credit here?

Yes, please contact your PERX Vacation Consultant to ask about applying your Future Cruise Credit. We are happy to help, even if you didn't book your original cruise with us!

Are Future Cruise Credits the same as Future Cruise Deposits and "CruiseNext" Certificates?

While similar, these are in fact two different ways to pay for a future cruise. Future Cruise Credits are given away by a cruise line (often to compensate for an inconvenience or cancellation), while Future Cruise Deposits are purchased by clients, usually onboard. Future Cruise Deposits can be a great way to earn additional shipboard credit, so visit the service desk aboard your next cruise to learn more.

Still Need Help with Your Future Cruise Credits?

Future Cruise Credits have terms and conditions specific to the cruise line that offered the voucher. For help with your personal cruise credits, contact the experts at PERX.com. Even if you didn't book your initial cruise with PERX, we can help you apply your Future Cruise Credit to a new booking with our agency. Plus, when you book with PERX, you get the benefit of our free, personalized cruise consulting to ensure your cruise meets and exceeds your expectations! We do all the work, so you can have all the fun!

Call 1-888-737-9266 to use your Future Cruise Credit today!