Checking credentials

Please stand by . . .

- Employees of active domestic or international commercial carrier

- Active Pilots of domestic or international cargo airline eg. Fedex, DHL, Astar Air Cargo, UPS 

- Retired airline employees and retired cargo airline pilots of active airline

- Only one cabin may be booked per qualified airline employee, with Spouse or accompanying guest traveling in the same stateroom as the airline employee.   

- 2nd stateroom now available for children 18 years and older, parents and parents-in-law when traveling with the qualified airline employee.

NOTE: Airline Identification and Airline Verification letter is required at the time of making the interline request.

Crystal requires proof of Interline Rate Eligibility immediately upon confirmation of your booking.  Without proof of qualified interline eligibility, Crystal reserves the right to automatically adjust the price to the applicable retail rate prior to departure.